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Originally Posted by MSJayhawk View Post

Back in 2005, depending on the time set, there may not have been anything to see on your MRI. As MRI's can change, given the fact that 7 years has passed, there can be changes. Was your most recent MRI ordered and read by an MS Specialist? Did you start any meds in 2005?
No, my reg dr ordered this due to all my symptoms, once again, thinking it may be MS. And both MRI's were read by the hospital's interpreting physician. My first symptoms was the dizziness which started in June '05 and then in Sep '05 I started developing sooo many signs that said MS so, I went to dr in Oct '05 and she put me on Celebrex for pain, Valium for panic/anxieties, and Metformin because bloodwork showed I had diabetes. Then in Jan '06, after exhausted efforts of trying to find out what was wrong with me, she sent me to a rheuma and he dx me with fibromyalgia and put me on Neurontin and Trazadone. Then my dr put me on Paxil after that also. So no, I was taking no meds whatsoever when my symptoms started...and thought I was a very healthy person until all the symptoms just hit me!