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Differences in Path Reports.

Had a consultation with a Uro at City of Hope yesterday, as part of a consultaion, CoH had their pathologist read my slides again. Their report pretty much confirmed the initial report issued by USC with the exception of lower the volume of two cores, added the length of lesions, and added one ASAP.

Right Lateral Base = G6 = 10%
Right Base = G6 = 20%
Left Apex = G6 = 20%

City of Hope
Right Lateral Base = G6 = 5% = 1mm in length
Right Base = G6 = 10% = 2mm in lenght
Left Apex = G6 = 20% = 4mm in lenght
Left Mid = Atypical Small Acinar Proliferation.

I am curious as to how they determined the lenght of the lesions?

Again, I was offered both AS and Surgery. It looks like every hospital has an AS program now. Their requirements are pretty much the same as at UCLA.

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