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Re: Surgery scheduled for 9/18

hi, ok with the wheelchair one thing make sure you don't lean too far forward in it reaching or something or you'll slide right out, I did it a couple of times right on my read end!

Hope you get an "Ice machine" for you foot after surgery helps w/ the sweling, looks like a little cooler w/ a hose coming out and then on the end of the hose is the thing you wrap around your foot to keep it cool. Someone will have to fill it w/ bagged ice about every 6 hours though, ice makers can't keep up.''

Make sure you get a grabber thingy to pick things up with off the floor. Do you have a shower chair yet? or I just bought a cheap 5 dollar plastic outdoor chair and it fit right in my shower.

Lots of books, movies, laptop and such. are you staying on one level of the house? Does that wheelchair fit thru the bathroom door? if not you can get a potty chair (I had one anyways for nighttime use). You will be real unstable for the first couple of weeks. try to keep a good shoe on the good foot for when you're getting up and having to pivot or even sometimes hop. It will save the bottom of that foot. Be careful not to twist the knee on the good leg too, that's easy to do.

that's all I can remember for now, Cathy

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