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Lip Biopsy

Threads I read before my lip biopsy are closed, but I was SO nervous beforehand, I wanted to add my experience. Like another member, I had mine done with Dr. Ava Wu/UCSF -- and if you are anywhere near her (like west of Chicago), I strongly recommend having her do it. Competent, caring, experienced -- she's really amazing. The area was numbed first with a topical, then she injected a little of the anesthetic. When that had a chance to work, she injected the rest. All told, I felt no pain during the numbing or the procedure itself. She seemed to be grabbing/clipping a lot (6 or 7 times?) but the incision was tiny -- no more than 1/4 inch left of center, about midway up my bottom lip. There were no stitches and no bleeding that I saw (or tasted). She gave me two extra-strength tylenol and two for the road. I iced for 20 minutes (and was glad for the ice, as the anesthetic wore off quickly). There was some discomfort in the afternoon, but nothing that ice didn't get rid of. Ate a bland pbj (without opening wide) with a small bit of discomfort. Took the two more Tylenol, but that was it. There was minimal swelling and no bruising. When I woke up this morning, I had trouble spotting the incision, and there's no need for further icing or Tylenol. Some of the lip biopsy stories are truly bad, so I thought I would share mine. And thank you, Dr. Wu!

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