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Originally Posted by MSJayhawk View Post
Who diagnosed panic/anxieties? As to meds, Neurontin long term can cause side effects, but you cannot stop it cold turkey- you have to be weaned off of it.
My dr said I have panic/anxieties, due to some childhood issues I told her about and I also went to a pschologist and she did too, also borderline PTSD and something else(?) so now I am on Cymbalta for that. I have Agoraphobia and have become a "hermit". I do not like going anywhere unless necessary. And I also have extreme memory loss....from a week or two ago clear back to birth...I don't hardly remember anything just flashbacks. Also, I have quit Neurontin a couple times cold turkey, with no side effects...thinking I'm just tired of taking meds, but found out real fast that it was helping with pain.