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Re: ovoid plaques

Originally Posted by MS22 View Post
You might want to contact the National MS Society and ask them for a list of MS specialists in your area. It would not hurt to have an MS doc look at the films themselves.

Radiologists read the MRIs, and are good at it, but when they say "suggest clinical correlation", you really need to have an MS doc look at it.

It may be that given the location of your lesions and suspected diabetes, they have decided they are due to diabetes (I don't know the size of the lesions), however, MS lesions and other demyelinating diseases are mostly ovoid or Dawson finger-like in shape.
Thank you, I will do that. The radiologist did not know I had diabetes. And my dr sent me to see the neuro because of this, requesting a spinal tap. This neuro did not even look at the MRI report or the MRI disc I took to her. She just asked me a few questions and wanted to put me on a seizure and migraine meds. I even told her the EEG showed, because she wouldn't look at the reports, no seizures and that I did not have migraines and she said well just try these meds and see if they help! On the report, it doesn't state the size of the lesions.

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