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Originally Posted by MSJayhawk View Post
Panic and anxiety are stand alone problems which can manifest as MS like symptoms, but panic and anxiety would not cause the ovoid plaque. Panic and anxiety can also be found with MSers too.

You were lucky that the cold turkey stoppage of Neurontin did not cause an adverse reaction. If you have a neurologist read your MRI, they might have a differing opinion with your images. A rheumatologist also would have a differing interpretation if fibro was the case for you.

As to uninsured medical care, I would contact your state agency which works with people in your situation to find out what is available in Kentucky. Many state teaching hospitals have programs set up for people who lack insurance.

Though you are tired of meds, there are meds which can restore a sense of normalcy depending on your disease or disorder. I hope this is your case so that you can get back to your life.

Well, this panic/anxiety didn't start until I developed all my other's like they all hit me one right after another within a 3 month period, that being the last to set in after every thing else. My neuro wouldn't even read the reports or look at the disc when I went to her and I can not afford to go back or go to a new one...I already had to pay a big 1st visit pymnt and also have more charges for 2nd visit just to hear her say, since there were no findings with the spinal tap that she felt everything that I'm experiencing is due to my fibro! And I don't qualify for state help...they say I'm able to work! Is there other diseases that show ovoid plaques?