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Re: Feel so ill

Originally Posted by jwatt View Post
so why are you not willing to try some BCP or a very low dose of HRT. I personally could not stand to feel like I was dying every day I have to many things I want to do with my life ...If im going to die I want to do it living.
but every one is free to choose how they deal with menopause
I'm really worried about taking hrt. Two of my friends took it and both developed breast cancer within 2 years of taking it. I'm not saying it was that but it scared me. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could have guarantees that we wouldn't get something nasty from taking the very thing that would probably make me feel so
much better?

I'm not sure it's peri, as I had hormones blocs done a few months ago and my gyno thought I was no where near meno. All I know is I have a good few symptoms for peri and I feel wretched almost every day, and it's debilitating.

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