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Re: Feel so ill

I will be 50 in a few months and this past year has been the worst of my peri. I would guess you are experiencing it too. Mine is mostly fragmented, light sleep and I'm hot when I sleep. And anxiety out of no where.

I began taking prescribed progesterone cream. It seemed to help with my hot sleeping and night sweats but the sleep is still fragmented and light and though I'm not roasting when I sleep, I'm still hot and sleep with one light blanket. That's unheard of for me. I've been one of those women that would freeze all year long.

I would consider staying on the progesterone if it was fixing my sleep. But I've packed on 15lbs in 8 mos and I still don't sleep great. So I am going to try something different. I figure perimeno and menopause is all trial and error.

I've been reading about maca root. It's been used in South America for thousands of years and it's starting to get recognized here in the US by naturopaths. It helps to level out your hormones naturally. I've only been using it for about 5 days now and am still trying to figure out the right amount to take. But I will say, it gives me more energy. I make sure I take it in the morning and after lunch but not late afternoon or evening so I don't effect my sleep. I've been exercising and with the addition of the maca root, I'm going to try this for awhile and see how I feel.

I'm not sure if these kinds of things are available to you in the UK. If it is, maybe look into it, read about it and see if maybe it will at least help you get a little more energy back. Energy will also help with your mood. Then maybe that would help you to begin feeling better.

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