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Stapedectomy recovery help

Hi i'm new to this...but i thought i would try it out....

I was diagnosed with Otosclerosis in January 2012....i had a stapedectomy surgery done on my right ear on Aug 28th 2012 and it was awful for a few days. I had major dizziness after surgery i even vomited once. I think i had vertigo...i wasnt even able to lay on my back. But after a few days i was back to feeling normal again. (meaning the dizziness went away). a week later i went back to see the ENT doctor and he took out the packaging...thats today Sept 5th. But i am not happy with the results I thought i would be 100% recovered and i would hear normal again. He did some kind of test to prove that the surgery was successful. He prescribed ear drops for me that i have to take twice a day for a week and then i have to go see  the ENT again in 2 weeks. He said theres still fluid in my ear and it hasnt healed 100% but it will take some time. Is this normal? How long does it really take? i guess i just have to be patient. I honestly still cant hear anything on my right ear now. I feel like its clogged or something..and theres weird sounds that come and go. But maybe after i take the drops it will go away? also here and there my ear pops. Someone help!!

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