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Maybe you can help me???

Since June 5,2012 I have had severe pain in my T7-T8 region, they did xrays and said my spine looked perfect and that seems to be fine with them. I had a neck ct showing significant spasms, I have yet to get my pcd to order an MRI, I am in so much pain I can hardly function! This is so hard with 3 kids 2 are babies. My spine is sore to touch, clothes and my hair hurt! If someone touches that spot while I'm standing my legs give out involuntarily, if I'm sitting or laying down my stomach spasms violently. The spot feels like an opened wound or like when you first pinch a nerve in your neck... It's hot then cold and it tingles, feels like there should be a mark or something protruding from that spot but it looks normal. I have major chest pain (heart problems ruled out) pins and needles in my left arm hand and both feet. My neck has pinched nerves everywhere and the front of my neck hurts pretty bad, at points it seems like I will have a rib that swells and then it goes back down. My jaw aches and I clench my teeth a lot! My low back hurts mildly and my hips hurt mildly... I just don't know what to do, doc keeps calling it anxiety and tells me to take cymbalta but with the pain I'm in and the sore spot I know that's not what it is... If anything I'm anxious because of my unexplained pain. Anyone have this type of pain and what was it? Thanks so much for your help! Xoxo

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