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Re: Is this normal?

I have all these things happen too. I will get crunching sounds in my neck. The front and back of my neck will hurt and sometimes my jaw too. I get swelling under my boobs along my ribcage...mainly on the right....but my gallbladder is gone and my liver is fine. I feel fevery alot and my back, spine and shoulders cause me alot of pain. I also get the random pains in my chest. It scared me at first so I saw a doctor but my heart is fine. This fibro stuff is crazy. On top of all that, I have pain and spasms in my upper arms, pain in my wrists, pain and stiffness in my hands, hip pain, my upper leg muscles burn like fire when I walk, the back of my right knee is a big problem. It gets stuck all the time when I sit down and I have to limp when I get up until it losens up. The backs of my heels hurt, and my toes are stiff. Weird, Weird symptoms.