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Re: Telogen Effluvium Recovery


I too had a major shed in May following a long flu illness in March and so it would be good to compare notes! This may also help anyone else going through the TE nightmare. I can quite honestly say that it has been the most stressful time of my life and I feel for anyone going through the same thing. It felt like I lost half of my hair over a period of a few weeks. My hair is very fine and therefore I considered the loss to be very noticeable. Although my husband, who has been very supportive and friends who I have told have told me my hair looks fine, I know how different it is. Your hair takes on a different character - in my case very dry and I was for a long time too scared to do anything with it. On my first visit to the doctor I was told that "it's going to do, what it's going to do and most people's hair grows back". The only advice I received was not to colour my hair! Two weeks later I went back and saw a female doctor due to my anxiety levels, which was also causing me to lose a bit of weight. (Small mercies!) She was more helpful and I persuaded her to do some blood tests to rule out thyroid problems etc. The results were normal, however I noticed my Ferritin level was 28, which although in the normal range, considering I had been taking vitamin supplements for a few weeks appeared to tally with other stories on the internet as a possible trigger indicator for TE. The Doctor recommended a healthy diet with lots of leafy vegetables etc. After spending many hours trawling the internet for advice and reading similar stories I started taken Iron supplements and Lysine to try to encourage and speed up re-growth and even bought blackstrap molasses! I have just purchased Biotin and wonder how you are getting on with it, as I see it can cause acne.

I am fed up with finding my hair everywhere but I do think the shedding is now minimal. I have not had it cut at all since this started and as recommended by the doctor allowed my hair to dry naturally which does give it a bit of a wave to make it look a bit thicker.

It is now the beginning of September and I have noticed some re-growth which is encouraging. It is obviously going to be a long and painful process to get my hair back to it's normal shoulder length bob. Good luck to you and anyone else going through this.

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