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Re: Maybe you can help me???

Hi Bookietrip
I just recently had cervical spine surgery.During the last two years I have experience tingling in both my left and right hand,numbness that ran down both arms,burning in my buttocks, feet, pelvic area and lower back. In addition to this I had pins and needles in my stomach while walking, I no longer could dance..I use to bellydance but because of the creeping crawling feeling that would start whenever I tried to use any of my motor skills, I had to stop. I had hot and cold sensations in my feet and knees..My fine motor skills such as writing my name,zipping up my jeans or anything that involved use of my hands became a problem as well as everyday life. In other words my social life became obsolete and I felt terrible And if it were not for a woman I worked with,with whom I shared my symptoms with, I would never have heard of Neurontin.she encourged my to seek medical advice that lead to MRI's of both my cervical and lumber spine which the doctors discovered many problems involving my spine. Although all my symptoms are not the same as yours, I would think,and please see your doctor,you may have a form of nerve damage. Neurotin has helped me greatly.It helped with my nerve pain,the sensations i was feeling and it helped me sleep at night. Talk to your doctor.

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