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Re: Maybe you can help me???

Thank you! Did you have just an MRI or did they do Xrays first? If they did do Xrays did anything show up? I had an Xray but nothing showed on it... Now Im scared to get an MRI because I know my bones looked okay... freaking out about a spinal cord problem! My pain today is a 14 on a 0-10 scale! I think stressing over what could be happening is making things worse... and it just rained! Im so dizzy lately I can hardly function. Thank you so much for your reply. My doctor gave me Gabapentin and Cymbalta... they gear toward fibromyalgia because so far all tests are fine. I do not know how I am fine with all of these problems and the sever spinal pain for over 3 mos. I have had no trauma to the area but I too used to dance, I wonder if it messed me up? Thanks again!