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Absolute paranoia oral sex HIV hysterical

So I'm a gay guy. I me some guy on Craigslist yes I know I'm an idiot ur he gave me a bj. Unprotected. This was my first sexual encounter. I don't feel ready for anal. I'm 21. Yeah I know I'm pretty old to bearly have my first sexual encounter.. But 2 weeks later I started getting HIV acute symptoms. Well I started getting headaches every night, along with that my face always seems tO be burnin up its alwys hot I don't know if it's a fever but it feels so hot for 2 minutes then it goes away. It happens thought the day and started since 2 weeks after. Along with that I started getting alot of random red dots in my back it's not a rash but their scattered dots. Iv never had anything like that. Along with that I was having dizzyness. Stomah pains in the morning. The encounter was on July 23, and I'm still having hot face and random dots. I can't get it out of my head and I'm to terrified to test for HIV. From what iv been reading on this forum no one has been infected this way. I don't know what I'll do if I'm the first. And from my first encounter as well. Iv grown mentally unstable since iv been only thinking about this and how I made a mistake and how my life may be on the line. It's all I think about. I'm paranoid I know this forum isn't for mental problems but my mentality has shifted iv grown scared and grown distorted in personality this inferential has really put me in a panic. I didn't have cuts and their was no blood from his mouth but what can explain my hot face and dots and dizzyness is it all some coinicence.. I don't want to test... I feel like I'll Colapse at the clinic.. If I'm possitive from this. I don't have stomach pains any more and I'm not dizzy anymore but my face gets hot randomly and the dots keep showing up. Not just that but since the incedent everytime I go out into the sun I get red dots on my skin? Why?? Only when I go in the sun. But the dots are different than from my back! Someone please help me don't flag me for sounding crazy please I'm just scared

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