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suffering vertigo

My life is a MESS. On April I had my first vertigo attack and I have residual symptoms after that. The worst is a constant... CONSTANT, swaying leaning sensation, unsteady off balanced feeling esp when sitting still.

Due to that I've dropped out of school. My father, because of his disappointment in me left the family and now I'm left with my mother trying to make ends meet. I don't know why I'm posting this here, but it seems to be my only redemption. Since my Father provides all the income, we have no money and we are going broke soon. And it seems that my symptoms are only getting worse. I am afraid to go out, since it only makes me feel worse both physically and emotionally, all my friends never cares.

Its so funny, 5 months ago i was a completely happy, normal 16 year old boy, now I've lost everything. My family, my health and my desire to carry on. Every night I cry in bed, looking up at the dark ceiling pondering why this happens to me, only to awake to another dizzy and heart-wrenching day of suffering, relieving all the thing I've lost. The worse thing is not witnessing hope, not even a glimpse of it. I am truly suffering

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