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Unhappy Endometriosis HELP!! Is this what my daughter has?

I need help. My daughter has experienced pain for years. At first it was right after her periods, but now happens all various times and seems worse when she's on her period and still sometimes often right after. I saw her when she was young (maybe 12 or 13) figiting around uncomfortably, and when I asked her what she was doing she explained this pain she had " up inside", she thought it was something all women must have once they begin having periods. I explained to her that no it was not and from that point on it just has gotten worse and she is now a senior in high school upstairs crying in severe pain. She describes it as up inside her uterus, almost like its in the wall of the uterus. She went through an ultrasound years ago, pap smear and pelvic exam, then they sent her to a uroligist who did a full catscan with contrast... everything showed nothing irregular. I was perplexed and we just dealt with it. This year we went back to the gyn because it seems much worse on more frequent. Again a pelvic and ultrasound showed nothing. Doc said it could be endometriosis, but said if it it was they would just perscribe birthcontrol, so we could try that just in case. They gave her the depo shot in the hopes it would help. It has not helped at all and she has been on her period evern sense and we are at week 11 of the shot. We will not continue it. She has had the pain a lot more since the shot and the last two days she has been crying and moving around trying to get comfortable. She cant sleep because the sharp pains keep waking her up. I have no experience personally with this so I am clueless as to what to do. (although my sister has a similar situation and just lives with it.) The doctor mentioned doing a exploritory procedure but again said if it was endometriosis birth control would be the treatment. She has a follow up next week, but because of the extreme pain the last 2 days, I am trying to get her in today, although nobody from the doctor has called me back. I guess I'm just looking for advise. Initially I heard it probably wasn't endo because its such a sharp pain and heard endo is usually a dull ache, but now I see others describe it as sharp, so I'm confused. Don't know what to do or think and would love any help anyone can offer. Thank you!!!!!

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