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Re: Absolute paranoia oral sex HIV hysterical

Originally Posted by blokecalledkev View Post

Buddy, words to the wise here. You need to stop letting your over active imagination getting away with itself. HIV is not spread through what you have described. Nobody, not a single person, in the entire 30 years HIV as been around as ever contracted HIV from receiving oral sex.

You were not even close ďto putting your life on the lineĒ, not as though HIV is now a life threading disease. Buddy it is 2012, HIV although not curable is treatable and manageable, please stop living in the 80ís ok? You donít want to test? You donít even have to test, so spare us the drama and hysteria over this.

If you are going to continue to have an active sexual life, you need to learn here mate. Seriously learn how HIV is and is not transmitted. It is transmitted sexually through unprotected anal and /or vaginal sex. To protect yourself form HIV all you have to do is use condoms, yep it really is that simple.

Now please do yourself a huge favour and get on with your life, HIV is not in it, other than inside your over active imagination.

Thank you guys for your support it mean alot you guys have calmed me down. The main reason why I'm scared though is because everytime I go out in the sun I get red spots in my skin. I have read articles on how people with HIV can less resistance towards sunlight and get weird things in their skin. It frightens me how right after I got a bj I started getting red spots when I go out into the sun. Would you be frightend? Honestly?