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Question Is it mental or thyroid related??(my story)

Here's my story and hopefully someone help me make sense of this?

At age 15, I started to get depressed for no real reason and cried alot. At 16 I realized I was depressed and needed and wanted help, I went to a psychiatrist and he said I was depressed, put me on lexapro I was on those for about 2-3 months and didn't feel any difference. So I stopped taking them. Life went on I was even happier again. Then around 17, I went to the E.R., he then referred me to the mental hospital, I spoke to a few psychiatrist there. They said I wasn't depressed and could use counseling.

So I made an appointment with a psychiatrist. She said I need therapy as well, but I asked her could we try AD's. She agreed. I was on them 4 months, I had a scary experience, rage, weight gain I felt I was hallucinating. I was 18 and kicked off my parents insurance. So life was good, I felt depressed but I could deal, went back to school and was happy and felt "normal" At age 19, I begin to notice changes in my body. I was always working out and things like that and trying to eat healthy. I started noticing I was becoming very fatigue and out of breath and like I couldn't breath, especially running up the stairs. I ignored it and then one day I woke up and anxiety out of no where. I just remember being so scared, I couldn't even watch tv (it sounds crazy, i know) Especially about violence because I was so scared something was going to happen to me and so fearful. I was having panic attacks and one night I was rushed to the E.R. because my chest got so tight and I couldn't breath, the did a chest x-ray and blood work and that's when i found out I had hypothyroidism. The doctor explained my symptoms was from low thyroid. She said I was border line/ slightly hypothyroid and put me on 50 mcg and sent me on my way.

When I started levo things got worse and worse and I remember crying and crying, my memory became bad, i couldn't focus. I felt like I had dementia I would sit there and be so out of it and sometimes my body would just start shaking. I have brain fog and feel so slow. My anxiety has gotten worse, I'm always thinking the worse, I feel so guilty over nothing! I stress and worry about everything. I'm always thinking myself or someone going to die or get sick or I have this disease or that and "what if's". I wake up sometimes in panic and this isn't me I wasn't this type of person. I feel so depressed sometimes, and like i want to give up. I've been living in pure anguish these last two years and I thought it was related to my thyroid because every doctor I go to its depression, depression and I THOUGHT I was depressed in my teens that was nothing.

I'm constantly worrying, I get so happy, then so sad and my emotions are all over the place. I wasn't the worrying type I just lived life, but i'm feel with so much fear and worrying and guilt. I've been going through this two years alone and I'm tired. Any advice? anyone been through anything like this? pls share your symptoms and stories? thanks so much!

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