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Re: Surgery scheduled for 9/18

Thanks for the wheelchair tip, Cathy. I never thought about falling out. Man, that would hurt!

Is the ice machine something the hospital provides, or something I order myself? I'm not familiar with it, other than reading about it here. It sounds like a lifesaver.

I looked at the grabber things today, but didn't get one. I think I'll pick one up this weekend. I did get the shower chair already. I found one cheap at a local drugstore.

The wheelchair will fit through the bathroom door, but the bathroom is so small, there won't be room to maneuver a chair. I was thinking I'd keep crutches next to the bathroom door for when I go in. I'm not supposed to use crutches ~ I had a bilateral mastectomy in March, and am at risk for Lymphedema and also have Seromas under both arms. They're pretty painful. But for the minute it takes to get into the bathroom and to wash up, I think I can do it. I'll be using the small bathroom off our kitchen, which is quite small.

I will be staying on one floor. When I had H1N1 a few years ago we moved into the downstairs bedroom because I was too sick to go upstairs to our room. Then we decided to stay down here, since we'd moved all of our furniture down and gotten used to being on the main floor at night.
The only steps I'll have will be outside. There are 3 steps from our porch. I've been looking at portable ramps, since I'm not permanently disabled. My husband and younger son want to build one, but I think that's an awfully big project to get done with the time we have left. It was supposed to be started last weekend, but we spent all weekend at the hospital with my son. I think I'll just order a portable ramp online. They're pretty expensive, but I think it's our best solution.

Thanks again for all the ideas. If you think of any more, I'd love to hear them!