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Ehlers Danlos Issues

Hi everyone,
I started with my primary care doctor after I began to do some research on some of the symptoms I was having (hypermobility) after suffering a dislocation of my shoulder. I was referred to a rheumatologist for connective tissue issues as my primary doctor said I was an 8/9 on the hypermobility scale. Unfortunately, the rheumatologist said that he was not familiar with my problems, and that I would need to see a genetics doctor. He did order an echocardiogram, which I had, and it came up normal Ė though the lady who administered the test stated my aorta was dilated more than she would have expected for someone my age. (Iím 29, by the way).

I found a genetics doctor, who is by no means local (The doctor is at Kansas University, and I live in Missouri) but they are the closest doctor and my insurance doesnít cover a penny. Iím worried Iím going to get in over my head when it comes to expenses. Should I go through with this appointment, or is it possible there are better options? The appointment isnít until late October, but I thought Iíd weigh my options out first.. =-/

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