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Re: pressure in face and dizziness!!

The only thing I can say that may make you feel better is I'm in a similar boat.However not for the same reasons I believe. My jaw tension and ear pain/ pressure including over my nose pressure and throat tightness seems to be allergies.Mine started in march and have been going on up to now. It seems lessened by allergy meds but not by much. What I can share with you is how to help your jaw. 1: try to see a tmj specalist it's worth the money.What this will do is he will check your bite and jaw position to see if it's out of place.By the sounds of your clicking it seems probable.Then he may suggest a corrective splint to realign your jaw. 2: you are probably jaw clenching hence why your jaw muscles are tense. This usually happens at night and there are splints to prevent this. 3: you may be clenching also during the day so you need to make a conscious effort to stop this. Also there are a multitude of jaw massages you can do to help your muscles relax( give them a chance it takes a few days).4: stop drinking stimulants like coffee/ alcohol etc and take magnesium tablets this will help the pain. And to answer your question yes tmj can do all those things you have. But so can other things so have a tmj doc check you out and if he says your ok then go to your family doc

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