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Re: Scalp Psoriasis?

I've had Psoriasis for many years... since I was a teenager. I found my hands and feet stopped showing symptoms a long time ago and have only recently come back since I caught Norwalk a year ago.

My scalp however has always shown signs. It looks like I have bad dandruff all the time. I won't even change hair dressers because of it. M current hair dresser knows my problem. It makes things a little less embarrassing for me. It also shows up in my BEARD! (Gross!)

I've found temporary relief with Neutrogena TGel but it doesn't help completely. My doctor gave me some samples of Dovobet ointment to try. This helped a bit more but it got awful messy.

To deal with it lately I have been using an over the counter product called Psoriasin. It not only helps on my hands and feet but I rub small amounts into my scalp (trying to spare the hair) and let it sit for an hour or two. Then I wash with TGel. This has provided me with the best protection of all. I still get small amounts of flakes but it has brought it under control. I will say though it is a bit messy. I am going to try applying a treatment before bed and wearing a shower cap to bed. Then washing it out in the morning. Just to see if it gives me a longer amount of relief.

People who don't suffer from this don't understand how hard it can be on you. Good luck.