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Re: difference between mckenzie, physio, and regular ot/pt?

I'm not sure how much I can help to clarify as I've found most physical therapists have a bit of the McKenzie method mixed in with their training. Actual McKenzie is not only exercises, but a whole way of evaluating the patient and then formulating a treatment plan. Robin McKenzie wrote a book called "Treat Your Back" which contains many of the exercises that are now incorporated into what most PTs use today. If you have had a fusion, the whole method is not for you because there is an emphasis on exercises with the back in extension...which is terrible for lumbar fusions. But you could probably find the book at a local library and take a look at it.

I thought the term "physiotherapy" was just what people in the UK call physical therapy.

What are your concerns about the friend's PT business? Why don't you consult with her and ask if anyone has specific interest and experience in working with spine surgery patients?

I must say that I spent almost 9 months with an elderly aunt who had a stroke, helping her with her recovery. I sat through many PT sessions in a hospital rehab unit watching other PTs treat spine patients and could barely keep my mouth shut!! I was stunned at what I considered to be lack of knowledge and experience. I know I am very spoiled because my spine surgeon hired his own PT 20 years the man knows exactly and precisely what was done to my back and what my doctor's goals are, etc. He too teaches the PhD candidates at a local university. I have found that to be very helpful and keeps him at the top of his I would think your friend would be good...but, something is holding you back?