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Re: Scalp Psoriasis?

Originally Posted by Marydu26 View Post
My scalp is super itchy and flakey. It's getting so bad that my scalp is getting really clumpy and scaly. Is this psoriasis of the scalp?

Is there anyway I can treat it at home since I don't have health insurance.

I have tried Nioxin shampoo & Denorex, but they aren't working.

My hair is falling out & becoming suuuuuper thin due to this. What can I do? Thanks in advance for any help!

Yes, it is. Know that you aren't alone. I am also suffering from this, but in my case it's not that extreme. It only gets worse since my hair is oily and if I'm stressed out.

Maybe try Neutrogena T/Sal Scalp Build-Up Control? I use it most of the times.
The itching and stuff won't completely go away, but you'll feel a bit better .