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Re: pressure in face and dizziness!!

Thanks for the response! I have gone through the whole possibility of allergies and did the sinus rinses (NeilMed), Claritin, nasal steroid spray, etc. Also had a sinus endoscope done and the ENT said my sinuses and nasal passages were completely clear.

I know for a fact that I clench and grind at night as I've caught myself doing it in the middle of the night. I do not clench whatsoever during the day. I tried using an NTI device at night time. Used it for 5 weeks and it was horrible as it ended up badly screwing up the other side of my jaw to the point it would lock open. Took a while after a stopped using it to get that side to calm down.

I've had intraoral massage, trigger point massage, NUCCA adjustments, acupuncture and tried an SSRI for anxiety. Absolutely nothing has helped whatsoever. The pressure and tension in my face and jaw is not just there first thing in the morning. It lasts all day - and, in fact, gets worse as the day progresses. The dizziness/off balance feeling all day is doing me in. I just hope the neuromuscular dentist visit will prove worthwhile for me.

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