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Originally Posted by gymgirl60 View Post
I am terrible with computer and sitting here in tears. Was planning to have LRTI but after reading so many comments about how difficult rercovery is I'm terrified. Usually a strong and positive person, but having RA is hard. Have had 2 wrist surgeries and hip replacement. Hip surgery was great!!!One of my wrist surgeries left my wrist feeling wooden. I have worked on it with therapy, massage and chiropractor and finally it's much better> My thumb felt much better after 2nd injection, but how long is it safe to continue with injections?
What is LRTI? I had the basal joint reconstructed about 5 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. I went into surgery with constant pain and only 30% function in my dominant hand. AFter surgery I have way less pain that I did before. I was in a cast for about 4 weeks, then 12 weeks of PT. Yeah, it hurt but not as much as the arthritis did. Within 4 months I had acheived 90% function in that hand AND no pain at all! It has been like a miracle in my life.

I"m not sure what the rule is on steroid injections but my hand doctor told me that he has a limit of 4. I actually had 3 injections. when I went in for the 4th because my hand was waking me up at night, the joint was bone on bone. He said it wouldn't help anymore. Surgery was the only option left for relieving pain and disability.

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