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Important question

To all fibro sufferers... Were you just diagnosed with fibro after looking for answers to pain or did you have another problem first? For example: does everyone have a slipped or herniated disk problem, or arthritis, or some type of spinal, bone problem? Or was there trauma of any kind before hand? I swear there has to be something serious wrong in my back (spine) or my neck to be pinching nerves to cause all of this pain! I don't have significant problems in my lower body at all except today I have a bad feeling in my hip on the left (new pain) I can't lay on my back or my feet fall asleep and my chest hurts, can't lay on my stomach or my arms fall asleep and can't lay on either side cuz my arm on that side falls asleep and my back is in agony! I need answers and I am going to beg for an MRI... They are satisfied with my xrays looking good... I am not! Any replies would help! Thanks! Xoxo

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