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Re: Anyone has nice result with Forteo?

Originally Posted by turtlelady View Post
I had very good results with Forteo. My last year on the med followed my third major spine surgery and resulted in excellent bone growth and complete fusion.
I could not be happier. I can no longer have meaningful DXA scans because of all the titanium, but I no longer fracture and I have been maintaining very happily on Srontium citrate.
Glad you are doing well. Have you taken the Strontium OTC or has it been prescribed for you/ They are working on compounding a pharmaceutical drug with a high level of Strontium but the research shows there is an association with clot formation. Now I don't know if the clot formation is due to the Strontium itself or at the higher concentration used in the study. I have wanted to take Strontium too OTC but I am concerned about this possible side effect. I now take Silica ( the one by HUBNER) in a gel liquid form and try to eat calcium rich foods like sardines and almonds. I was told Silica is excellent for bone health. I am wary of the biphosphonates ( which I assume Forteo is) due to the bone freezing that was found to be a long term side effect with Fosamx. AS you can see I don't trust pharmaceutical companies! What is the dosage of Strontium you take and do you take it on an empty stomach?
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