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Re: Strontium vs calcium absorption

I just read that the side effects associated with taking Strontium have been reported with taking Strontium Ranelate NOT the Strontium salts. ( like the citrate)

here is what has been written:

Adverse Side-effects Are Seen ONLY with Strontium Ranelate Natural Strontium Salts, Like Strontium Citrate are Safe

In contrast, following on the heels of data collected in a number of other studies,[4], [5] the most recent research a three year study conducted in France whose results were published in October 2011[6] confirms that the patented unnatural form of strontium, strontium ranelate has a number of potential side-effects, at least two of which are very serious: an increased risk for venous thromboembolism (VTE, deep vein blood clots) and DRESS syndrome.

Still I think it behooves all to take the ST in lower doses and not at the same time as taking Cal.

Magnesium oil is by far the best way to absorb magnesium vs. oral forms.