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Re: Strontium vs calcium absorption

Thanks--My routine now, which works pretty well, is strontium in the morning before
breakfast, calcium/mag at lunch and dinner. The strontium ranelate that is used
in Europe and on which much of the research was done is the form that seems to have
the bad effects. I don't think you can even get it in the US. Not that many doctors
have heard about strontium anyway. I'm having a DEXA in January,and then I'll be
able to tell if my routine is working. Four years ago I had to stop Fosamax (just as well,
with what I'm hearing now) because of esophageal erosion. I decided then that I had
to do it all nutritionally. So my routine of calc/mag, boron, K-2 and of course D3
seemed to be working, because my last DEXA showed improvement over the last one.

Now I plan to immerse myself in the literature which relates to acid-alkaline balance.
There is a LOT of disagreement here. Some say it's a scam, others say it has a definite
relationship to bone loss. I'd like to get to the bottom of it.
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