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small bowel polyp

I am 19 and have been having mild to severe abdominal pain for almost 4 years now. A few years back i had an upper GI endoscopy and everything was normal, and was told to live with the pain. In June of this year i had to get my appendix out and i was hoping that would rid me of this pain, but it came back a week after surgery. Recently i had another upper GI with a nodule found right above where my stomach starts. Then with pain still not going away I had a Pillcam done with a polyp found in my small bowel, the doctor told me "it could be nothing to worry about, but at this point i just don't know." so he said it needed to be taken out. though he told me its not whats causing my pain, it's not safe to just leave it. So i have to get a deep endoscopy done soon. is this something i should worry about? He didn't seem very confident about it being nothing.

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