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Re: Important question

Thank you guys for the replies... It seems to me that fibro comes along with some other type of trauma, I feel that I know my body so well and there is something uglier than ugly fibro happening to me! I am a hypochondriac suddenly! I was never this way before but not knowing is my battle, I'm so tired but afraid to sleep not that sleep is easy right now, it was until my feet started to go numb when I lay on my back, now there is no good sleep position I feel so alone, no one wants to hear about my pain and they certainly don't want to help me! It's like I'm trapped inside myself because I don't want to feel bad emotionally from the lack of support so I just mosey along keeping my pain and my feelings to myself I need answers so badly it hurts! I just can't drag my kids to doc appointments so I fight with myself and fight with myself does anyone get ear pain? My ears hurt so bad lately! And today my breasts seem very sensitive! I am having the "normal" chest pain but the breast sensitivity is new?

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