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where did I get infected?

So this is my short story I had some sores on my upper lip that the doctor at the clinic couldn't id. He sent me to specialist who took a sample and it tested pos for herpes. he me several times if we had any new animals in our house and i didn't think of any. Anyway it cleared up with meds but since has been reocurring in a more southern region . I have been with only 2 women in my 52 years both for mopre than 15 years each so I didn't get it from any sexual contact. I didn't think of it when I saw the spec. but my wife pointed out that I had been scratched on the lip by a pet hamster. In the four years since the diagnoses I have tried to be careful and avoid sex with my wife during outbreaks, but there has been quite a few times that I didn't realize I had and outbreak till the morning after a sexual marathon. So far my wife has not contracted the virus. My question . Is it possible to contract it from an animal scratch? and would it be a different strain that maybe does not tranfer from person to person easily? one other thing . does outbreaks change? when i first got it it was painful and sore now I don't always notice when I get one.. Sorry not quite as short as I thought this would be. I hope some one can give me some answers thank you

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