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Lost about this virus

Greetings, I have just been tested postive for herpes type 1 and 2. I don't understand the test results and how I would have receive this virus. Far as I know that I would have type 1 cause in the past I have always gotten fever blisters from just been around a person who has them, but type 2 I have always been safe and now that I am married I just dont get it. I ask my husband to get tested, but it took him mouths to go and once he went he said that his test results were negative. I let him see my test result but he didn't show me his. Since I have known of this he has been acting very strange towards me. He is not his normal self. I don't understand why this is just showing up now after so many test that were done doing both of my pregnancies and after. How did I get this and whyhe is not showing the results. I don't know how to read or understand my results. Never had an outbreak until now and I only get them after I have sex with my husband. IS this is me or just my crazy thoughts driving me crazy. Help please

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