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Re: Raynaud's or Vasospasm WITHOUT breast feeding

I just wanted to update my post and hopefully make this thread easier to find for others with Raynauds of the nipples. After literally speaking with 6 Drs and describing in vivid detail the pain I was having in my breasts after getting cold I finally found one that would listen. I described what was happening she seemed confused but was listening, I told her what I had learned on this website and the 1 other blog I have found and she seemed to have a aha moment. She agreed I do have Raynauds and although uncommon it is manifesting in my breasts primarily. I have suffered with this for 8 years the last 4 winters have been miserable. I had to stop skiing and have a hard time taking my son sledding. Even trick or treating is extremely tricky (pun intended ) I have now learned some ways to help control the symptoms I would like to share. I cant use beta blockers right now as I have chronic venous insufficiency and beta blockers can cause venous insufficiency so it would only be worth it if my symptoms become unbearable or dangerous. I have found that although the vasospasm causes a horrible stinging, stabbing, burning pain throughout my breasts it is being caused by my nipples. You can cut it short and possibly stop the attack by massaging your nipples. It is painful and hard to do at times, imagine chatting with a customer please excuse the nipple message I am having a raynauds attack . I have stopped attacks and minimized them many times this way. Some other tricks I have tried or read about are hot showers, dressing warmly, bra padding and cold avoidance (much harder than it sounds). I have used glove warmers in my bra where a pad would normally fit, as my job requires frequent trips outside I still have to walk quickly but can avoid the attack. I always wear several layers of clothes and have also found breast pads useful for extra warmth. If you pay close attention you can feel it coming on in time to prevent any real pain. My nipples harden and tingle or throb slightly if I get warm quickly I can prevent the full attack. However beware if you eat or drink something cold right after it can still occur it still takes a while to get back to normal. Also oddly enough if just my hands get cold it can trigger an attack my hands may change colors a little and tingle but my breasts get the full painful attack even though they are not really cold. I know this doesn't really make a lot of since but it happens when I wash my hands with cold water at a public park or make pie dough with frozen butter. I have also found that air conditioning can cause an attack very quickly I assume this is due to fast temperature changes? I am no expert and I am still learning how to minimize symptoms but some definite no nos are smoking, coffee/ caffeine, taking cold medicine with Pseudoephedrine or similar ingredients I have taken this drug for long periods without realizing as it is a popular decongestant and is used in my allergy medicine. I am adding some tags at the bottom of my very long post I apologize if that is frowned upon and if my post has officially put you to sleep. My goal is to put this info out there and make it easier to find so other women don't have to suffer for years due to ignorance.


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