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Re: where did I get infected?

When I was in college a million years ago, I developed this horrible sores in my mouth. It was so bad I couldn't eat or drink. Went to the college clinic and was told I had herpes. I didn't have a clue what it was. I found out that everyone has the carries herpe virus. For me my mother had just been killeand she was paying my through college so I also was very depressed and very rundown. I guy I had been seeing had a cold sore and with my immune system so bad I contracted the herpe virus with just kissing him. Every once in awhile when I would be rundown I would get a cold sore. When I met my husband to, be after a couple of months when we would have intercourse it hurt so bad! Went to the doctor he told me we had transferred the cold sore/herpe by oral sex and was totally covered inside with them! This just was about the time when we started hearing about the herpe outbreak. I had no idea about the virus before this or that you transfer it and become gential herpes. My husband also ended up with it later on. So yes, your wife could be infected with no signs. So you can get them starting just with a cold sore and transferring to gential herpes. If only I had that information, we wouldn't have contracted the virus. One thing that I noticed anytime you get really stressed, it can bring them on. But over the years we very rarely breakout. One more thing, you can spead the virus without any breakout. I hope this helps and I'm sorry you have them, especially with stigma it carries. Good luck.