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Re: Schatzki Ring diagnosed in 1999

Hello Jane
I decided today to go and see a GP who I have seen off and on. She isnt my usual Dr.

She vaguely had heard of a Schatzki Ring so as I was sitting there she said I will look it up on ********* !

She suggested a Endoscopy and I believe it is not cheap but told her that luckily I can pay as being a private patient

I said food gets stuck sometimes but its the tablets that are more troublesome and last for hours with out relief.

Also about two weeks ago I had a sip of a really cold fruit smoothie drink and it caused me to have what is known as a "chest freeze" like a ice cream headache but in the chest. The Dr said yes thats the esophagus doing that

Will be interesting to see how it compares to the test I had way back in 1999.
Thanks for input

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