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Left side paralysis and a nursing home fate

Yesterday was a terrible, terrible day. The PT and OT have decided that dad is no longer steadily improving and therefore not safe to come home and stay on his own (mom works full time and she can't physically lift him). His left arm does not work from the elbow down and his left leg is very weak at the hip and knee, causing him to not be able to walk without being held on to. Never in a million years did I think ten months ago when the stroke happened that we'd be talking about putting dad in a nursing home for the rest of his life. He is still the same person mentally that he always has been and I'm scared to death that a nursing home will break him down slowly but surely. It seems that every person here is or knows someone who has recovered in some way and can learn to go about their lives in some fashion, for which I am so thankful to see as it gives me hope, but I would give anything to have dad recover a fraction of what he has lost so he can spend his remaining years with my mother instead of with complete strangers. In working with the OT/PT in the last three months, he really did improve somewhat. I still firmly believe there is more to be done, but what do I know?

Anyway, my question to the group is: Does anyone know of any resources for caregivers or patients themselves who never recover from stroke (books, experimental treatment, scientific studies, etc)? Any suggestions would be helpful. Also, hearing your personal stories are what has kept me going in the last ten months....any stories of miracles you've miracles you've witnessed would be so nice to hear!

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