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Diverticulitis and Sigmoid Colectomy

Hello folks, just wanted to share some information about my issues with Diverticulitis leading up to a Sigmoid Colectomy. Eventually I would like to have a blog on my recovery, but I am new to this and have not figured out how to start it. I guess I need to start reading a little more on how to get a decent blog.

I will start by saying today is my eighth post op day, wow what a ride. If anyone wants any information from me about my experience before I figure out how to blog please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to share my experience.

Here is a short BIO on my situation pre op. I am a 44 year old male, I consider myself healthy. I have three children ages 10, 7, 5. A beautiful wife, I am an average person with the normal life ups and downs. I tend to hold stress in my stomach and thereabouts. I am blaming my Diverticulitis on stress and also my mother has had her share of intestinal issues, including Diverticulitis leading to a Sigmoid Colectomy.

Two years ago I woke up with a serious gas pain, thinking I just needed to pass it with my daily stool and went on with my business. This gas bubble never passed, three days later I was in the Hospital, diagnosed with Diverticulitis and given the standard antibiotics. Almost to the day, one year later I was under attack again. Might i add that since the first attack I had taken procedures to eliminate all foods with seeds, skin, and pretty much everything I enjoyed. My gastroenterologist suggested from the beginning I should consider going to a surgeon, I was like your crazy man, I can beat this. And there he was again a year later telling me the same, but I am stubborn, I can beat this, I am MAN!

Another eight or so months passed after the second attack and there I was again, in pain, same pain. Might I add that I had never felt the same since the first attack. It changed my life completely, I was angry, short, snappy. Just not the same person I usually was. Something had changed inside me and was affecting my whole life, including my family. The Third attack never really went away, it blended into the fourth attack and then with my head hung low I asked my gastroenterologist who he would recommend for surgery. My symptoms in the end were constant pain, any movement would cause this pain. I was easily agitated and had no motivation to do anything, I just wanted to lay there. Having three fun loving children around and me not being able to join in on all these activities was making daddy a very miserable person. I was as depressed as much as the pain I was feeling. This had to be fixed, this had to end, I need my life back.

So I have had my surgery eight days ago, I can honestly say it is a wild painful ride. I still have more to go, but I have to tell you I do not, and I repeat, DO NOT have that crappy, sickly, life hampering ill feeling in my lower left quad. Everyday I get a little bit closer to living a normal painless life. I want to openly thank my wife Donna and my three beautiful children, Brionna, Brycen, and Braydon for taking care of their sweet daddy. Much love to all who read this. You have my 100% support.

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