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Attacks vs Flare ups ect...

I'm trying to understand the difference in all this. While waiting for my MRI, I have been trying to make sense of what is going on with me. (I realize I wont necessarily find answers, but I want to understand as Much as I can, so I know which direction to go when I get results no matter the results.

I understand that a new symptom has to last a full 24 hours at least to be considered an attack, correct? Then flare ups, are recurring symptoms that get triggered, and can last any length, and be at any degree. Is this correct?

I was thinking that MS could definitely fit regarding all I have experienced, then last weekend, I was woken to a sharp pain, I thought it was like ovarian pain from ovulating, but it increased in severety, to the point of crying. It then seemed to shoot across more toward my back side, (At this point I realize this is electical pain ) and was like an explosion of fire, severe burning. Much more painful then the pain I already had. Then down the back of my leg to mid thigh, where it stopped and repeatedly was like a poking sensation, or better yet, it was like the rubber band snap, but very electrical/shocking and the worst of my pain. It subsided enough for me to get back to sleep after a half hour or so.

I was thinking this was nothing related to what I have going on with me, and it wouldn't fall into the catagory of MS. I have in the past had that electrical pain run down my leg in the past.

Just a recap, Doc is doing an MRI because of some eye issues on the right side and numbing. She found my whole right side more dull than left, and my balance is off. I did give her a history of other neural issues I have had, but I don't know if the MRI is based on any of that. I think it's mostly based on, that the eye issues and numbing came on gradually, was strong, (Never blinding though) and then has gotten lighter again.

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