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Re: I am in my late 30's and I have Cerebral Palsy. Is it possible for it to get wors

Hi all,

I just found this site. I have had spastic diplegia since birth. I had achilles tendon lengthening at 7, and bilateral ITO at 15 (they cut and rotated the trochanter bones to straighten my gait) Since my eary twenties, I have had chronic pain from walking. I used asprin with codeine (bought over the counter in Canada), but stopped when I got pregnant with my son. At 27, a doctor prescribed Motrin and forearm crutches. After a few years on regular maximum doses of Motrin, I worried about kidney damage and stopped using it regularly. Walking with the forearm crutches caused damage to the nerves in my arms and hands. Walking became such a pain that I got an electric scooter at age 36. Today, I use a scooter outside and at work and a manual chair at home. I limit my walking with crutches because it causes so much pain in my arms, hands, legs, feet, and back.

The excercises that help me most are seated tai chi, leg presses, and recumbent cycling at the gym.