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Re: Attacks vs Flare ups ect...

Thanks for your reply!

I was thinking new symptom, and that it meant nothing because it was so short. But I thought too, that I have had sciatic pain, and a period of it was bad enough I could barely walk, like my leg/hip was just giving out on me. SO I wondered if (Hypothetically) Ms linked, that could be like min flare or something, just the left over symptoms of that sciatic issue. I know I'm speaking with little knowledge here, so hope that makes sense.

I feel pressure around my eye, but since the numbing I'm not too sure if its just numbing or pressure, I definitely have pressure on that side of my head. And then the vision is like diminished color, like a graying, and some blurring that the eye doctor couldn't find an explanation for.

Right now my doc is wanting the MRI, she's also wants me to come back in for my GI issues, so we can get me to a GI specialist. But I don't have insurance, my husband have looked into insurance, trying to figure out what we need and if we can make it happen. At this point I am apply At OHSU for a discount on the MRI, and I think we are kinda waiting till that happens to see where we will need to go.

So is the eye doctor or regular doctor checking my pressure on my optic nerve kinda useless? I have read some about the VEP test, and thought that may be a good idea depending on what the MRI shows, cause there definitely is something going on there. I let my eye doctor tell me pretty much that It was all in my head, I didn't go back to her, but it left me feeling crazy till all this came up with my regular doc.

Originally Posted by MS22 View Post
An attack or flare is the same thing basically. They have to last between 24-48 hours for most docs to consider them a true flare instead of a pseudoflare and consider treating them.

What I think you are asking about is a new symptom. They also have to go on for >24 hours to be treated. Most of us have to have motor symptoms to be treated with IV steroids (not just sensory.)

Your eye symptoms I am guessing consist of decreased vision along with numbness are what are getting your MRI. That is a good thing.

The electrical shock symptom you are feeling could be from a number of things. Of course we have all felt electrical shocks...pains etc. Where yours starts and stops are a bit curious anatomically just due to where the nerve runs. However, you may have an inflamed disk or something.

Have you had numbness or weakness in your limbs?

I hope your MRI is clean...I don't wish this disease on anyone else!

OH, did you see an ophthalmologist when you had your eye problems? It would be a good idea. They can do a VEP to check your optic is a very sensitive test. Many neurophalmologist offices have it, and some regular MD ophalmologists have the test as well (retina specialists).