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Re: Drug Induced Parkinsonism

I just saw your post on Parkinsons.
Be very careful on this diagnosis. Neurological disorders are very difficult to assess.
Here is why I say this.
In 1994 I developed tremors of my left arm. I went to a neurologist who put me thru tests such as MRI of the brain, EEG of the brain, blood work to rule out other issues and then I went thru the usual office visits for assessments.
I began seeing a neurologist I think in October or so and then came the diagnosis in December that I had Parkinson's disease.
I went to get a 2nd opinion from someone that was supposedly a specialist in Parkinsons. Based on physical examination he felt 75 % chance that it was parkinsons. There was no test that could confirm PD one way or the other. So I accepted the diagnosis. I was eventually on 3 different PD medications. Sinement; Eldepryl and amantidine. So I lived with this for 2 plus years. In 1997 i was being evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon for spine surgery. He sent me get a neuro consult and clearance for surgery. At the end of the visit he said I did NOT have PD. He felt it was Essential Tremor.
So here I was not knowing what to believe. Do I have PD or not.
I went back to the doctor that gave me the initial 2nd opinion. He just kept scratching his head. I ended up flying to Calif. for an opinion at the Parkinsons Institute. Conclusion was that NO I did not have Parkinsons and NO it was not essential tremor. He couldnt come up with any diagnosis at all. You said something in your post about tremors and parkinsons like symptoms.

There are 4 cardinal symptoms of PD. The symptoms are easy to remember by the acronym TRAP which stands for Tremors; rigididty, Akinesia and Postural Instability.

Tremors by themself does not mean you have Parkinson's disease. As per my research and the doctor in California for someone to really have Parkinsons disease first you really need to have more then 1 of the 4 cardinal symptoms of PD. A lot of things can cause tremors.

Before you accept the diagnosis of Parksonis disease I suggest you get a 2nd or 3rd or 4th opinion if necessary. Make sure that the doctor you see is really a specialist in Parkinsons disease.

I would hate to see you go thru what I did in misdiagnosed with Parkinsons disease.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me. If I can answer you I will do my best to give you the right answers. Good luck.


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