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Thanks so much for your reply. You have had many years of struggling with pain and final made one of the hardest decisions someone is asked to make. I'm in a better place than I was when I posted the first time. Talking to people that have gone through amputation has been such an eye opener. I have yet to have a conversation with someone negative about the outcome. Most have taken a positive approach and been very encouraging and open about their circumstances. I'm very grateful for people like yourself, who are willing to share your experience.

I'm not ready to make the decision, as I'm willing to put the time and energy into one last try to save my ankle. I am however, very aware there is a strong possibility of failure. I think I will approach the final step more informed and prepared for the outcome. Those who have share their stories with me, give me hope. Knowledge is a big key to understanding that there is life after amputation. Most including an 87 yr. old woman are more active and engaged in their live than I am in mine. Pain and mobility are not holding them back and I say "Good On Them".

I'm sorry it took so long to answer your post. I've been off the grid because I need to travel to the coast to have more test done. Hopefully, I'll hear soon about a surgery date.

Thanks again,

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