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Waves of discomfort, 6 months after removal.

I had my gallbladder removed almost 6 months ago and I've just in the past couple days begun to feel discomfort again for the first time. The pain isn't the same as a gallstone attack, it resembles it though. It's in the same area. It's more discomfort than pain. I woke up with it and noticed it goes away when I sit up. Also, the discomfort comes in waves. It's not consistent and long lasting like a gallstone attack. It'll build up and stay for 5 seconds or less before dissipating, then it comes back within seconds. Hours later I felt the discomfort shortly while sitting up. The pain/discomfort doesn't seem to occur after eating so far.

Does this sound similar to anything? Is it Sphincter of Oddi or the beginning symptoms of it?

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