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Any idea what this may be?

It keeps happening to me, if I walk quicker its like my eyesight goes dim or shaded in a way. I checked my blood pressure and its fine. 120/81.

It also seems to happen when I lean forward for too long. Sort of almost a blacking out feeling associated with fainting, but not quite that. My diet is pretty good being quite rich in supplemental vitamin b, zinc, magnesium and plenty of iron too from legumes. Not quite sure what is going on.. I recently had an inner ear infection so I cant be sure that this is somehow connected to that.

Anyone any ideas on this? My eyesight is quite poor Id say. I have shortsightedness, but I wouldnt say my eyesight has gotten any worse in the past few years.

I also seem to have a sinus infection, and wonder if that plays in it too by blocking my airways and somehow reducing blood oxygen levels? or anaemia somehow because I have IBS?

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