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Re: HELP - Increasing anger to my family from a male perspective

I'm so sorry you are feeling as you are, but I think it is sooooo important that you are recognizing it. You mention that your anger has always been there but has recently amplified. I think I can sort of relate. I'v posted on this board recently about my own anger. When you say that, I think I can relate because I think my anger has always been there and became amplified because many things were "pushed down" and never dealt with. Now it all seems to be surfacing where I'm beginning to see how things really are instead of what I thought they were. With that comes anger. I think it's important that you do seek help for your anger. As much as I hate dealing with my anger, I try to feel that FINALLY acknowledging the way things really are for me and dealing with it head on, with therapy, will bring me to a better place. At least I really hope it does. You seem to know what you want for yourself and your wife/kids.