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Is my five year old autistic?

Hi everyone,

I'd like some opinions for anyone who has dealt with autism in children. My son is five and I'm wanting to take him to a specialist but it isn't doable at the moment. My reasons for thinking it may be autism are as follows:

1. His fascination with fans. He prefers to turn fans on and off all day rather than play with toys. He will play with toys for short periods of time but always goes back to fans and for a much longer time period.

2.He doesn't really pretend when he plays and lines up all his cars in a long row instead of actual imaginative play.

3.He is extremely sensitive to sounds and will scream and cover his ears if someone sings. He will also do this if you use and appliance such as a blender or if kids play and scream too loud.

4.He does not like to play with kids and unless forced to like in kindergarten he prefers to just be by himself or grownups.

5.He is an extremely picky eater and will eat practically nothing but one item for a week or so at a time and it must always be served the same way.

6.He flips out if someone he doesn't know trys to talk to him and will only let a small group of people give him hugs.

7.His speech is a bit delayed and when he does use it her prefers to just repeat what you've said, repeat a cartoon he's watched, or ask where something came from and thats about it.

Any insight is really appreciated.

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